/le-ah/ Irish translation of grey

Mission Statement

Liath is an expression of new Irish cuisine that focuses on showcasing this island’s special and unique ingredients from both its land and sea.

We hope you experience the essence of what we aim to achieve at Liath Restaurant and we look forward to seeing you.



Liath Restaurant will release seats on the 1st of November 2019, for the month of December 2019. All bookings are made month to month exclusively online. Follow the link on our reservations page to make a booking.

We serve a seasonal no choice set menu due to the limitations in the size of our restaurant and therefore we cannot cater for dietary choices yet certain allergy requirements can be accommodated e.g. Coeliac.

(We do cater for Plant and Fish based diets)

We however cannot cater for a Vegan or Lactose Intolerant Diet.

At anytime please feel free to join our cancelation list for any last minute reservations.